Good Search: Donate to NCJW with every Internet search.

Think about the number of times you use the internet to hunt for information. If you use www.goodsearch.com as your search engine, each and every time you initiate a search, our Section makes money and it doesn’t cost you a thing! Be sure to choose National Council of Jewish Women, Dallas Section as your charity of choice.

Tom Thumb: Section number 540.

Tom Thumb Reward Card

The next time you’re at Tom Thumb, remember to pick up a Reward Card application at the courtesy booth. Fill it out and then link your card to our account. Tom Thumb will pay Greater Dallas Section a percentage of your total purchases, so be sure to use your card every time you shop.

If you already have a Reward card, you can link up to three organizations per household to it, so please link Section to your card. Your total purchase amount will be divided equally among the organizations designated on your Reward card. Our Section number is 540.


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Support National Council Of Jewish Women, Greater Dallas Section by shopping on Amazon.com through this link: AmazonSmile.com. For each purchase made through the link, Amazon will donate to NCJW. Support us every time you shop.